Euro & UK VAT info

Euro & UK VAT info

The rules to comply with the UK VAT (Value-Added Tax) system and the EU eCommerce VAT package taking effect in 2021 are complicated, so I won't be able to ship to the UK & EU through my website- BUT . . . I can with my ETSY shop!! Because Etsy will take care of all the VAT for me. 

So, if you live in these countries, just place and order and select PAY LATER and I'll set up a custom listing for you in my Etsy Shop to pay for your order when it's ready to ship.

*This is for orders from 1 to 150 Euro or Pound. Anything over $180 USD can be processed like normal.

SAVE ON SHIPPING | GROUP ORDER: If you and a few friends all want to place an order at the same time and live in the same area. I can ship it all in one box and you can split the shipping. Just let me know. 


Here is an example on how much you can estimate the shipping and VAT to cost per order.

United Kingdom: 
VAT is 20% 
If you order is $100.00. VAT is $20.00

Shipping | Estimate shipping to UK

UPS Worldwide Expedited (5 business days)
2 lb box ($50 to a $120 order) (includes 1 – 12x12 paper pack + stickers & Die-cuts) = $42.00
4 lb box (about a $200 order) (includes 3 – 12x12 paper packs + embellishments) = $48.00

USPS First Class (2-3 weeks delivery)
2 lb box = $27.00
3 lb box = $43.00
4 lb box = $56.00

*paper packs – 12x12 packs = 1 lb each. 8x8 packs =0.60 lb each


The order must weigh under 1 lb. CANNOT include any papers, paper packs, vellum, clear.
Only embellishments. I can fit 25 stickers in a 1 lb envelope OR 12 die-cut packs.

USPS First Class | Flat Mailing 9x11 Envelope
1 lb envelope | $21.00

Vintage Die-Cuts ONLY (Mostly loose ones - Can include 3-4 mini packs)
First Class Envelope 8 oz | $16.00


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